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We repair everything. From locks, hinges, misted windows, handles etc…

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Door Repair

We repair handles, rubber sealants, patio roller wheels. We also offer door alignment…


We stock a large selection replacement parts. including handles & hinges that go with any design.


Our engineers can replace your faulty window panes with no need to get rid of the frame. Not only does this keep costs low, but it means our team can have your fresh window installed in no time.

There’s no must worry if your windows are unique; we will replace window of any shape, size or colour so your building’s style won’t be altered.

Get a free no-obligation quote and our installation team will make all the required  measurements to make sure your new window will be a perfect match.

Problem with misty windows?

It can be very annoying and frustrating looking through misty windows, but it can do more than darken your view even a beautiful sunny day will look depressing. If there is condensation between your window sheets, it implies that there are holes within the glass that are permitting in dampness.

Whether it’s due to physical harm or just over time, these holes cruel that warm from your domestic will elude – causing your utilities bills to skyrocket.

  • Steamy windows
  • Failed double glazing
  • Misted glass
  • Misted windows
  • Misty glass
  • Misty panes
  • Misty double glazing
  • Misty between glass
  • Broken down glass
  • Broken down double glazing
  • Blown windows
  • Blown double glazing
  • Blown seals
  • Blown sealed units
  • Window repairs
  • Misted between glass
  • Foggy panes
  • Failed panes
  • Cloudy windows
  • Cloudy glass
  • Cloudy panes
  • Cloudy double glazing
  • Broken down windows
  • Foggy windows
  • Foggy glass
  • Foggy double glazing
  • Water between glass
  • Water between double glazing
  • Failed glass windows


Your doors are the foremost important a part of your home. Problems along with your doors is at the very least annoying and within the worst case scenario can compromise the protection of your home. we are able to provide an answer for all of your door problems to urge your entrance doors back in fully functioning condition as soon as possible.

What causes failed double glazing?

Twofold coating in entryways is helpless within the same way as your windows. Holes within the seals, ordinarily caused by destitute establishment, permits dampness in between the glass sheets, which causes your windows to gotten to be cloudy. The most self-evident issue with fizzled twofold coating is that it clouds your see, but there are more genuine issues that come with flawed glass. The dampness getting caught in your windows is additionally allowed into your domestic, which might lead to moist. Plus, the holes within the seal too cause warm to elude, meaning your vitality bills may increment to compensate for the warm loss. Our double-glazing substitution benefit permits you to keep warm in and keep clammy out at a moo taken a toll.

Our engineers have culminated the craftsmanship of twofold coating substitution, meaning able to repair your defective glass without requiring to evacuate the full entryway. We can coordinate any shape, colour or fashion of glass, so your twofold coating will see as great as unused without influencing the fashion of your entryways.

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